Change and Transition

Change is such a constant in our lives that the “new state” people aspire to is no longer static and predictable but one in which they can be comfortable with continuous improvement and incessant ambiguity.

There is a very useful distinction to be drawn between the *change* which is the new thing  that we are implementing, and the *transition* which is the process we go through emotionally and psychologically in order to come to grips with the change.

I have extensive experience enabling change leaders to apply analytical tools to plan and implement a change, as well as illuminating ways to soften the impact of change – the transition – for themselves and for others.

I consult to organizations to help them prepare change leaders and transition enablers, with a particular focus on engaging in the challenging and critically-important conversations that enable change to succeed.

Some of the organizations I have helped navigate Change and Transition in this way are:

  • MassMutual
  • Eversource
  • Episcopal Diocese of New York
  • Central Conference of American Rabbis